Creating Multiple Order Desk Stores on One Account


Creating a New Store
Managing Multiple Stores
Linking the Billing
Copying Orders Between Stores

In some scenarios, you may need to create an additional Order Desk store. For instance, if you need to connect to multiple integrations on the same platform (that is, if you have more than one Shopify store or submit orders to more than one FBA region, as an example), you'll need a separate Order Desk store for each additional set of login credentials you have for an integration. 

This guide will go over how to create a new store, link the billing of multiple stores and move orders between Order Desk stores.

Creating a New Store

To create a new store within Order Desk, in the left sidebar under Account, click on Create New Store.

Enter the details for your new store. The Store URL field is optional.

Managing Multiple Stores

You can create as many stores as you need. Once you have more than one store in Order Desk, you will be able to switch between them from the dropdown at the top of the left sidebar.

Each store you create will function independently from other stores you have. The billing plan and usage will be determined on a per store basis. If you have multiple stores but would like to only receive one bill, you can link them to each other from the Billing page. Click on Billing under the Account menu in the left sidebar:

If one of your stores is already a Pro Account, when upgrading additional stores, you'll have the option to link the stores to each other when choosing your plan.

Copying Orders Between Stores

With more than one store set up on Order Desk, you may need to copy or move orders from one store to another to be able to submit them for fulfillment through one of your vendors or warehouses or just to keep them all in one place for your own workflow. To do this, you'll need to create a rule in the store where the orders are imported that will move or copy them to another one of your stores.

Click on Rule Builder under the Settings menu in the left sidebar.

Select When Order is Imported for your rule's event, and then either select Copy to Store or Move to Store from the actions dropdown, and select the store you want to move the orders to:

You may need to add other conditions or actions, depending on your preferred workflow. For more information on working with the rule builder, please refer to this guide.

If you've copied ( not moved) your orders to another store, when shipment information is added to the orders, we'll pass that information back through to the original store and, if your integration settings are set up to sync tracking info, back into the cart where the orders came from initially.

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