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Order Desk can submit your orders to MWW and then check for shipment notifications when those orders have shipped. This guide will explain our MWW integration and give an overview of the different settings and their uses within it.

These settings can be accessed by clicking on MWW from the Integrations menu in the left sidebar once the MWW integration has been enabled in your account.

Tip: Print on demand integrations require an Order Desk Pro account.

Integration Setup

To begin, connect your MWW account to Order Desk by clicking on Manage Integrations under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar.

Select MWW from the Print on Demand section and click Enable.

Enter the MWW Username and Password and click Connect. These will be separate from your MWW login credentials and are provided to you directly by your MWW sales representative.

Shipment Settings

Select your preferred Default Mail Class and Default International Mail Class from the dropdown menus under Basic Settings.

Select the Ship Type. These are settings specific to MWW and in most cases it should be set to Mail to Home unless MWW instructs you otherwise.

If you have a UPS or FedEx Shipping Account you want MWW to use for shipment, enter the account number.

If you have a account you want to use, please give that account number directly to MWW so that they can load it into your account on their end.

Folder Settings

Select the folders where you want your MWW orders to be placed after Import, Shipment and if Canceled.

You can choose from the default Order Desk folders, or you can create custom folders first. This can be done from the Store Settings page by clicking on Store Settings under the Settings menu in the left sidebar. Click on Folders then Add Folder to create a new folder.

Any new folders that have been created will appear in these dropdown sections of the MWW settings.

Store Information

Add your Store Information to specify your return address on packages that MWW ships.

This is the default address used as the return address on your packages. If you would like to change this on an order by order basis, use the Order Desk Rule Builder to set a different return address on the order.

Test Mode

You can enable test mode from the MWW settings page.

By default, orders will be in live or test mode based on this setting. If the store is live, a test order can still be sent to MWW using OrderType in the metadata of the order. This will be discussed in more detail in the Preparing Orders section below.

Product Code Match

The Product Code Match feature allows you to tell Order Desk when certain SKUs need to be changed before orders are sent for fulfillment. With MWW specifically, this match allows you to have products that are sent to multiple print on demand vendors. Their product SKUs (print_sku in your item metadata) will be different from each other, so you will need to match the SKU in this field.

As an example, if you have a product that you send to a different printer where the print_sku is DT6000, but you want to occasionally send this product to MWW, you'll have to match that DT6000 to MWW's code for the product - let's say it's TEEL-FX5000.

To do this, add the first code to the Product Code Match field, then = , then add MWW's code last.

Now, when you have an order for the item set up to go to the first printer, you can also send it to MWW because the Product Code Match will tell MWW their code for the item when the order is submitted to them.

Product Code Skip

The Product Code Skip feature allows you to tell Order Desk if there are any SKUs you do not want to be submitted to MWW. Enter your SKUs, separated by comma or line break, and they will not be sent for fulfillment. If no part of the order can be submitted to MWW, it will be skipped.

Inventory Location Match

The Inventory Location Match field allows you to match the inventory location you have set for items meant for MWW, if different from "MWW". For instance, if you have set your inventory location on your items as "manualWW" add that to the Inventory Location Match field so Order Desk knows that any items with manualWW as the location are meant for MWW.

Tip: It is better to split orders properly than use this field, but if you do choose to use this, please be careful that your inventory location name on each item matches this field exactly since orders that aren't an exact match will not be submitted to MWW.

Shipping Class Match

If you plan to offer more shipping methods than the default settings you've already added to MWW in the Shipment Settings section, you can do so by matching the names of the shipping class in your store to the name MWW calls it. This can be done in the Shipping Class Match section of your MWW settings page.

Click on --Select Carrier Class-- next to MWW Classes to choose the shipping class name that MWW uses.

In the Shopping Cart Name field, type in the name of the class you use in your shopping cart that matches the MWW class and click Add.

You can add as many as you have, one per entry, and the column on the right will show the matches you have made.

In this example, what the shopping cart calls "UPS Ground", MWW refers to as "UPS Ground Residential". With this match in place, Order Desk would be able to translate any orders coming in with UPS Ground as the shipping method into UPS Ground Residential so MWW will know what shipping method to use for those orders.

Preparing Orders

Because MWW has some unique requirements, information about each print needs to be stored in the order item’s metadata here in Order Desk before it can be submitted to MWW.

Every print on demand item should be stored in your Order Desk inventory, which can be found by clicking on Inventory Items under the Tools menu in the left sidebar.

Each item should have a print_sku (MWW's code for the product being printed) and a print_url (a link to your artwork file so MWW can use it to print on their item) stored in the metadata of the item.

For MWW items specifically, the following fields can (or should) be added to the item metadata:

Field Name Value Required
inventory_location MWW recommended
print_sku MWW Part Number required
print_url Your Print URL required
mww_item_sscc Not Usually Used optional
print_neck_tape_color If Required optional
print_thread_color If Required optional
Tip: Setting the inventory's Location is recommended so that orders can be split as necessary when not all items in an order are going to MWW.

A typical inventory item set up to be submitted to MWW will look like this:

The following fields can be set on the order level either in checkout data or metadata.

Field Name Description
OrderType new, test, redo, or reorder. By default it will be new or test based on your live mode setting on the Order Desk setup page.
ShippingAccount If you have a custom shipping account number for a particular order
ShippingMethod If you have a custom shipping method request for the order. This must match the MWW shipment code
ShippingLabel Link to a PDF file with shipping label. If you include a shipping URL, we will automatically set your shipping method to PRESHIP
PackingSlip Link to a packing slip PDF file you would like MWW to print and include in the package. For more details, see  this guide.
ProjectCode Reference number for you to track a set of orders. OrderGroup is also accepted here.
ProjectShipDate Reference date when you want these orders to be shipped by. Actual ship dates are determined by the SLA.
RetailerPO Retailer PO# if required
Tip: We do not recommend using redo because we won't be able to get details about the shipment after the order has shipped.

Please review our Print on Demand Fulfillment guide for a thorough walkthrough on how to use our on-demand print services, including MWW. You can always contact Order Desk support for assistance with getting started.

Resubmitting Orders

If you need to resubmit an order to MWW, the order ID will first need to be changed so MWW doesn't reject a duplicate order. To do this, open up the order details page and hover your cursor underneath the Order Details on the left. Click on Edit Order Details:

Edit the Source ID# for the order. We suggest putting a -X on the end of the order number so the new order number is similar to the original with an easy to understand edit.

Once the order number is changed, you can now resubmit the order to MWW.

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