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Adding Store Users
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With Order Desk you can add additional users to your account, giving other people login credentials for your store. This can be useful if you have employees or vendors who may need access to order information in your store. Because you may not want your store users to see all of the sensitive details available in your account, there are a few options for creating custom views for them.

Adding Store Users

To add a new store user, click on Store Users under Settings in the left sidebar.

Under Add Store User, enter the email address of the person you want to have access to your store and click Continue.

Add the First Name and Last Name of your store user and ensure their email address is accurate, as this will be their login for your store. A temporary password is supplied here, as is the option to Send Email With Temporary Password. Keep this option selected if you want Order Desk to email the temporary password to your new store user, or uncheck it if you want to provide the password to them another way.

Store User Permissions

Next, click on Edit Permissions to the right of each store user to set the permissions each user should have.

All permissions are set to "ON" by default.

If you are giving a vendor access to your account, you may want to set View Dashboard, Delete Orders, Manage Users, Manage Settings and Manage Integrations to "OFF", so they are only able to edit orders in your store.

Custom CSS Views

If you want a little more control over the views and access your store users have, you can use custom CSS. To do this, you'll first need to name the Custom User Class for each store user necessary. In this example, we'll name the Custom User Class "vendor", although this can be anything you want as long as you are consistent with it in your CSS.

To add custom CSS, navigate to your Store Settings page:

And click on the Custom CSS tab:

We can now edit the views of users where "vendor" is added to the custom user class in their permissions. In this example, we will say that these users should not be able to see Reports or Add Shipments under the Tools menu or the entire Account menu:

To block their view of these pages, add this code to the Custom CSS in Store Settings:

That is, body.userclass-vendor (or whichever user class you chose if not vendor) for .od-menu-reports, do not display.

When a user with "vendor" for the user class logs into your Order Desk store, they will not be able to see Reports, Add Shipments or Account:

If you know CSS, you can use these features for exploring different options for creating custom views in stores. As a note, please be aware that using CSS to hide certain links from view is really doing just that - hiding the link, though it can still be accessible if your user is knowledgable about code and knows about the source code for the app. The regular user permissions, however, do fully remove access to certain areas of the app for specified users.

Tip: We love to help here at Order Desk, and we'll do our best to answer your questions, even about little code problems here or there. With that said, we're a small team, and we need to be able to devote time to each of our customers. For that reason, we have to limit the amount of custom code support we provide. If you are planning on customizing your account and need a lot of code support, we suggest that you work with a designer or developer. We appreciate your understanding that we aren't able to spend as much time on custom code questions as we will for other questions about Order Desk features.

Removing Store Users

To remove store users, click on Remove Access next to the user name:

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