Order Folders

Order Desk allows you to setup custom folders in which to store your orders. This allows you to customize your order workflow in a way that makes sense for your business.

Adding and Rearranging Folders

Users who have “Manage Settings” permissions enabled can click  Settings > Store Settings and then click the Advanced Settings button in the upper right corner. On this screen you can add more folders and change their order. Folders must be empty before they can be deleted. No save button is required – all changes are saved instantly.

Customizing Folder Columns

Each folder’s columns can be independently customized. From the Advanced Settings view you can click the edit icon on each folder to change the name, re-order columns, or add new columns. To remove columns, drag them to the right. You can add a specific checkout data field by entering the field name in the box at the bottom of the right column. These fields are not sortable.

Order Counts

Each folder displays its current order count in a small label to the right of the title. If the background is black, that indicates that the count being displayed is the number of orders found matching the current search. Clicking the folder in this case will keep the search parameters.

Orders and Rules

The default configuration has four basic states. It’s easy to setup  a rule to execute when an order changes folders. If you are using an order’s Folder ID as a conditional, you’ll need to find the folder’s ID number. You can do this by holding the mouse over a folder link and looking at the text “folder=X” in the link.

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