Amazon Marketplace

Order Desk can import your Amazon orders. After your orders have been shipped, the tracking numbers will be reported back to Amazon. If you would like to send your orders to Amazon for fulfillment (FBA) you will want to enable the Fulfillment By Amazon integration.


Login to your Amazon Seller Account from this link (for US accounts) and click the button for I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS. Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement and click the Next button. Copy the Seller ID, Marketplace ID, AWS Access Key ID, Secret Key, and Merchant Token. The Merchant Token is found in your regular Seller Central dashboard at the bottom of the Account Info page.

Tip: For non-US Amazon accounts, you can choose your country from the list in the Amazon integration settings within Order Desk and click on the Login To Seller Account link from there to be directed to the correct login page for your country.


Once you have connected your account, you can set your country code and order download frequency. Order Desk Pro users can download their orders hourly while free account users are limited to once per day. Select the folder in which new orders should be placed.

If you are using Order Desk Pro, you can enable the Inventory Sync option. This will report the inventory that you have available in Order Desk to Amazon. SKU’s which Amazon doesn’t understand will be ignored.

You can optionally choose to download shipped orders and FBA orders as well. FBA orders are orders that Amazon has fulfilled. If you would like to download FBA orders and have the tracking numbers reported to Order Desk, please enable the “Fulfillment By Amazon” integration as well.

Feed Log

Click the “Submitted Feed Log” button to see the list of feeds that have been submitted to Amazon. You can click to see the results of each feed submission. This is helpful for feed debugging. This information can also be retrieved from the MWS Scratchpad which is also a helpful tool.

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