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Integration Setup
Login and Register for MWS


With Order Desk, you can connect to any Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) region and send your orders to them for fulfillment. Tracking information will be sent back to Order Desk as orders are fulfilled.

Previously, a separate Order Desk store was required to connect to separate Amazon regions, but since an update in June 2017, each region now acts as a separate integration so multiple regions can be connected to the same Order Desk store.

This series of guides will go over the setup, settings, uses and special features with Amazon FBA in Order Desk.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Guides

Integration Settings
Products and Shipping
Canceling Orders and Removal Requests
Limitations and Special Features
Common FBA Errors
Submitting Orders to FBA

Tip: Many merchants are unsure about the difference between the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Amazon Marketplace integrations. To clarify, while both are often referred to as Amazon Seller Accounts or Amazon MWS, FBA is the integration you need if you want to send your orders to Amazon for fulfillment, and Amazon Marketplace is the integration you need to import your marketplace orders from Amazon, which includes importing FBA orders that were fulfilled directly through Amazon (AFN).

If you are trying to import your Amazon Marketplace orders into Order Desk, you can find more details about that integration in our Amazon Marketplace guide.

Integration Setup

To enable Amazon FBA, in the lefthand sidebar, click on Manage Integrations under the Integrations menu:

Under the Fulfillment tab, click to enable any of the Amazon FBA regions you want to connect to your Order Desk store:

All five regions are available and can be found under the Fulfillment tab: Amazon North America, Amazon Europe, Amazon Japan, Amazon China and Amazon India.

Login and Register for MWS

Once enabled, there are a few steps to complete the connection between Order Desk and Amazon FBA. This guide will use Amazon FBA NA as an example, but the steps are the same for each region.

Step 1: Login to Amazon

Select the primary country for the region you are enabling from the dropdown and click Login to Seller Account. This will open Amazon in a new window. Keep Order Desk open in your current window so you can copy some information back over from Amazon in Step 3.

Step 2: Register

On the MWS registration page, you'll have some options from Amazon. Find the option that lets you access your own Amazon seller account with MWS. If you have already registered or are not finding this option in your Seller Central account, click on the orange Register as a Developer button on the User Permissions page.

On the following page, accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement and click through to the next page.

Tip: Amazon has certain requirements for accounts to be able to use MWS. If you are unable to find the right settings while registering or Amazon isn't allowing access, please be sure your account is eligible. For more information see Amazon's MWS page.

Step 3: Enter Account Identifiers

In Amazon, you'll be given some account information that needs to be copied over to Order Desk to complete the connection. Look for your Seller ID, AWS Access Key ID and Secret Key.

Paste each of these into the appropriate fields in Order Desk:

Last, select your Default Marketplace, if applicable, for regions with more than one country. This is typically going to be the primary country you work with in the region.

Once connected, you'll be able to choose your FBA settings. For details about these settings, please see the Fullfilment by Amazon (FBA): Settings guide.

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