Gumroad Integration

Order Desk can be configured so that Gumroad orders will be imported automatically.


Add the Gumroad integration from the “Manage Integrations” page, then click the Connect button to authorize Order Desk to connect to your Gumroad account. Once connected, orders will be automatically sent to Order Desk as they are placed. If for any reason you would like to pause the order importing, disable the “Receive Orders” setting. Downloading historical orders from Gumroad isn’t possible at this time so only orders placed in the future will be imported to Order Desk.

The “Connection ID” field is your confirmation that Gumroad is currently sending orders to your Order Desk account. This is the ID of the sales ping that comes from Gumroad.

You can select the folder that your Gumroad orders will be placed into and can also set an optional order prefix to differentiate order types.

Order Import Notes

  • If shipping information is included with the order, it will be imported
  • Offer Code and License Key details will be added to the checkout data if applicable
  • Any custom fields will also be added to the checkout data
  • If the order is a pre-authorization, the order payment status will be set to “Authorized”
  • Any product variants will be a set as product variations

Submitting Orders For Fulfillment

You’ll want to set up the integration for Amazon FBA, Shipwire, 3PL Central, etc. with your connection information. Once it is set up, you have the option of automatically sending orders for fulfillment or pushing them manually or through a customized rule. You can also enter certain product codes that you do not want to submit for fulfillment.

The internal Gumroad product ID is used as the product code/SKU. If you are submitting the product for fulfillment, you’ll likely want to setup a product code match (SKU conversion) on the fulfillment settings page. For example, if your Gumroad product code is “zKSN_OjjXURlfIZPtqo80Q==” and the SKU you need to pass to Shipwire is is “widget88” then you’d go to the Shipwire settings page in Order Desk and setup a product code match that looked like: “zKSN_OjjXURlfIZPtqo80Q== = widget88” – this is essentially doing OLDCODE = NEWCODE. Because the Gumroad product codes have = in them it makes it look a little bit confusing. Just make sure there is a space between the last = so we know that it isn’t part of the old code.

Please contact Order Desk support if you need any assistance in setting up your code matching or order fulfillment.

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