Order Desk supports the VeraCore warehouse fulfillment solution. Orders can be submitted and tracking numbers will be pulled down. Inventory counts can also be synced into Order Desk.


Select your VeraCore provider from the dropdown list and enter your username and password. The user should have access to the following services: AddOrder, GetOrderInfo, GetShippingCharge, and GetOffers.

If your provider is not listed, we'll be happy to get you set up. Please send us an email, and we'll let you know what we need in order to load your provider into Order Desk. In general we'll need the provider’s WSDL endpoint location, a list of shipping service codes, and a logo. We do support both hosted and on-site VeraCore installations.

Usage Notes

  • Submitted SKUs are compared against Offers in the VeraCore system.
  • If the first name is longer than 15 characters it will be set as empty and the full name will be passed in to the last name field.
  • VeraCore is limited to 20 characters for the Order ID so if your order number is longer than 20 characters we will pass in the last 20 characters as the ID.
  • You can set a checkout data field to be sent to VeraCore as the Comment by entering the checkout data field name in the picklist field on the integration setup page. If you enter “FIRSTORDERNOTE” as the picklist field name we will send the first private order note.
  • You can set the “Source Code” field on the integration settings page as well. Note that this Source Code must be setup in VeraCore or the operation will fail. You can set the Source Code manually on an order by setting the checkout data field name to “Source Code”.
  • You can also set the PO Number value by setting “PO Number” as a checkout data field.
  • If you choose to send Pricing Details to VeraCore, be sure that you go into the OMS Basic System Information inside VeraCore and set the Tax Calculation Method to “3rd Party Tax Total”.

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