Order Desk can connect to your eBay store and download your orders. Your inventory levels can also be synced back to eBay.


Click the Connect button on the eBay integration setup page. Complete the authorization step at eBay and your account is connected. Note that this connection expires after three years. You will be emailed and prompted within Order Desk when it’s time to renew the authentication.


Order Desk checks your eBay account at regular intervals and downloads new orders that are found. Orders are skipped which are already shipped, not completed, inactive, or where the merchant has received no money. Because eBay orders are often non-sequential, we scan all orders that have been modified since the last date. This results in a lot of skipped orders but it’s the only way to make sure that the order that was started three days ago but just completed gets picked up.

Multi-leg international shipping is fully supported (where the merchant ships to an eBay distribution center with a reference number). When multi-leg shipping is indicated on an order, the ref# will be placed in the company field.

When a tracking number is posted to an order, we will mark the sale as complete and attempt to add the tracking number. The auto-feedback feature will set the predefined message as transaction feedback for the seller. This is an optional feature.

If you want to download past orders for archival purposes, turn on the “Download Shipped Orders” feature.

If you are using Selling Manager Pro and would prefer to use that program’s smaller order ID numbers, that feature can be enabled.

Inventory Syncing

Order Desk can sync your inventory counts to eBay. The first thing you must do is to download your current eBay items from the eBay settings page. (Only eBay items that have a SKU will be downloaded.) This is important because we have to associate the eBay item ID with the inventory item in Order Desk. This ID number is stored in an inventory item metadata field and is required for updating the inventory level back at eBay. Variations can be supported but you must set an individual SKU (or custom label) for each variation.

For instructions on how to add SKUs to eBay items, please refer to this guide.

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