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Order Desk can send your orders to MWW on Demand (MWW). As MWW fulfills your orders, the shipment info will automatically be added to your orders in Order Desk and, if your store is set up for it, sent back to the original shopping cart.

This guide will explain how to set up the MWW integration in Order Desk and give an overview of the different settings and features of the integration.

Integration Setup

To connect your MWW account to Order Desk, click on Manage Integrations under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar. Under the Print on Demand tab, find and enable MWW.

Enter the API username and password credentials MWW assigned to you and click Connect.

Your API credentials from MWW will be separate from the username and password you use to login to MWW. The username and password needed to connect the integration will be provided to you directly by your MWW sales representative.

Basic Settings

When you first enable your MWW integration, you'll need to set up some shipment and folder settings.

Let's go over what each of these does.

Shipment Settings

Default Mail Class | Default Intl Mail Class

Select your preferred domestic and international mail classes. The shipping types you set here will be used for all of your orders where the shipping method on the order does not match one of MWW's shipping method names exactly or that has not been mapped to one of MWW's shipping method names.

If you need to tell MWW different shipping methods instead of them using these default settings, you will need to map your shipping method names to their shipping method names. Until these are mapped, these default methods will be used for all of your orders. For more information, please read the Shipping Class Match guide.
Ship Type

Select the ship type you need for your orders. Your options are Mail to Home, Stock Items, Stock Items and Replenish, or Case Pack Shipment (Pallet Freight). These are settings specific to MWW; in most cases this should be set to Mail to Home unless your MWW rep has instructed you otherwise.

Shipping Account #

If you have a UPS, FedEx, or DHL shipping account that you want MWW to use for your shipments, enter your account number in this field. If you are shipping on MWW's number, you do not have to enter anything here. If you have a USPS account number, you do not need to enter it in this box. This account number is already linked to your account.

Folder Settings

Select the folders where your MWW orders should be moved after they are sent to MWW ( After Import, Move To), when MWW sends shipment details back (After Shipment, Move To), and if the order is canceled (If Canceled, Move To).

You can choose from the default Order Desk folders, selecting Prepared, Closed and Canceled:

Or you can create custom folders first and you use your own. For instructions on how to create new folders and for more information about why you may want to do so, please read this guide.

Submit Orders in Test Mode

If you need to set up your store in test mode before going live, you can enable the test mode setting just below the folder options in the basic settings:

Orders will either be in live or test mode based on this setting, however, if your store is live you can still send a test order to MWW. This needs to be done using OrderType|test set as either metadata or checkout data on the order. For more information on how to set this up, please scroll down to the Preparing Orders section below.

Store Information (Setting a Return Address)

If you want to specify the return address that MWW uses on your packages, add your address to the store information section:

If you would like to change this address on an order by order basis, you can set up different return addresses in your Store Settings. Once you have some options to choose from, use the Rule Builder to set a different return address on the order based on the conditions the order must meet for that address to be applied.

Your rule will need at least one condition and then use the action Set Return Address, and you'll be able to choose from your list of saved return addresses:

Product Settings

For more information on what these product settings within the MWW integration are for, please read the  Print on Demand Product Settings guide.

Shipping Class Match

To match your shopping cart shipping method names to MWW's shipping method names, you will need to use shipping class matches. This will allow you to tell MWW what the shipping method name you have on your orders, set in your shopping cart, should be sent as.

As an example, if you have Standard set as the method on some of your orders, you will need to pick the shipping method MWW uses that most closely matches what you mean by "Standard" so they will know what method you want them to use. Another example is if you have USPS Priority set as your shipping method, you will need to map it to MWW's name for the same method, which is "USPS Priority Mail".

If your shipping method name does not match their shipping method name exactly, your default mail classes will be used instead.

For information on how to set up your shipping preferences, please read the Shipping Class Match guide.

Preparing Orders

Because MWW has some unique requirements to be able to receive and print your orders, certain information about each item you send to them will need to be stored with your item here in Order Desk and synced into your order before you can send any orders to them.

For a full walkthrough on how to set up your products and your store to send orders to MWW, please read through our Print on Demand Fulfillment Guide. We'll briefly go over the info here with a few details specific to MWW. Don't hesitate to contact Order Desk support if you need help getting started.

Every print on demand item should be stored in your Order Desk inventory. You can see your inventory items in Order Desk by clicking on Inventory Items under the Tools menu in the left sidebar.

Each item will need a print_sku (MWW's code for the product you want them to print on) and a print_url (a link to your artwork file so MWW knows what you want to print). These are stored in the item's metadata:

The following item metadata fields will need to be added to your MWW products, depending on the requirement and product you are ordering:

Field Name Value Required
inventory_location MWW recommended
print_sku MWW Part Number required
print_url Your Print URL required
mww_item_sscc Not Usually Used optional
print_neck_tape_color If Required optional
print_thread_color If Required optional
Setting the inventory's Location is recommended so your orders can be split as necessary when not all items in an order are going to MWW.

A typical inventory item set up to be submitted to MWW will look like this:

Your Code/SKU should match what you have set up in your shopping cart so the metadata fields will sync into your orders when they come into Order Desk. The Location field does not have to say MWW, but whatever name you choose to use here, such as manualww, should be consistent on all of your MWW products.

The following fields can be set on the order level either as checkout data or metadata:

Field Name Description
OrderType new, test, redo, or reorder. By default it will be new or test based on your live mode setting on the Order Desk setup page.
ShippingAccount If you have a custom shipping account number for a particular order
ShippingMethod If you have a custom shipping method request for the order. This must match the MWW shipment code
ShippingLabel Link to a PDF file with shipping label. If you include a shipping URL, we will automatically set your shipping method to PRESHIP
PackingSlip Link to a packing slip PDF file you would like MWW to print and include in the package. For more details, see this guide.
ProjectCode Reference number for you to track a set of orders. OrderGroup is also accepted here.
ProjectShipDate Reference date when you want these orders to be shipped by. Actual ship dates are determined by the SLA.
RetailerPO or PONumber Retailer PO# if required
While it is possible to use redo, we do not recommend it because we won't be able to get details about the shipment after the order has shipped.

Canceling Orders

If you need to cancel an order that you have already submitted to MWW, you can click the Cancel Order at MWW button within the first few seconds after the order was submitted:

Once an order has been canceled, if you need to resubmit it to MWW, you must change the order number first. Read the Resubmitting Orders section below for instructions.

If it has already been more than a minute or two since the order was sent to MWW, this button will not cancel the order. You must contact MWW directly to cancel the order. This button is only meant to immediately cancel an order that was just submitted.

Resubmitting Orders

If you need to resubmit an order to MWW, the order number will first need to be changed so MWW doesn't reject what they will think is a duplicate order.

To do this, open up the order details page and click on Edit Order Details:

Edit the Source ID# for the order. We recommend putting a -X on the end of the order number. This way the new order number is similar to the original with an easy to understand edit:

Once the order number is changed, you can now resubmit the order to MWW by clicking on the submit to MWW button:

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