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Preparing Your Orders
Preparing Your Items


Order Desk can import orders from your shopping cart(s), sync in your print details and then automatically send them on to Dubow Textile for fulfillment. When orders are shipped, the tracking details will be sent back to Order Desk automatically.

This guide will go over the Dubow Textile integration settings and features. For thorough details on how to work with your print on demand orders in Order Desk, please read through the Print on Demand Fulfillment guide.


To connect to Dubow Textile, click on the Manage Integrations link under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar:

Click on the Print on Demand tab and enable Dubow Textile:

When you receive your API connection details from Dubow, enter them here in Order Desk. You'll need the following fields: Customer ID, Contact ID and Password:


Once connected, you'll have some shipment and integration settings to adjust per your preferences.

Basic Settings

Default Shipping Class: Choose the default shipment method you want Dubow Textile to use on any orders where the shipment method isn't otherwise specified for them to use. To set up more specific shipping options and specify the methods you want Dubow Textile to use, please use the Shipping Class Match section.

Procurement Type: We suggest that you set this value to Auto. We will build full SKU's with the color and SKU unless the print sku has an asterisk (*) in it. More on this later. If all your products are "Inventory" or "Custom" you can set this here and we will pass the proper value here. Please speak to your Dubow Textile rep for more information about which type you should set here.

Default Design Type: Select your default design type. For any other types of items, you can also set your design type on an item-by-item basis as well by using the design_type metadata field on each inventory item.

Third Party Shipping ID: If you have a third party shipping account that you want Dubow Textile to use, add the shipping ID here. Please speak with your Dubow Textile rep for more information about whether this field should be set.

After Import, Move To: Choose the folder you want your orders to move to after they have been submitted to Dubow Textile.

After Shipment, Move To: Choose the folder you want your orders to move to after shipments have been passed back to Order Desk.

Default Shipment Return Address

As returns will typically need to be sent directly to the store and not back to Dubow Textile, please set the default return address you want Dubow Textile to use on your shipments.

Product Code Match

Product Code Match

The  Product Code Match feature allows you to tell Order Desk when certain product SKUs need to be changed before orders are sent for fulfillment. With Dubow specifically, this match allows you to have products that are sent to multiple print on demand vendors. Their product SKUs (print_sku in your item metadata) will be different from each other, so you will need to match the SKU in this field.

As an example, if you have a product that you send to a different printer where the print_sku is DT6000, but you want to occasionally send this product to Dubow, you'll have to match that DT6000 to Dubow's code for the product - let's say it's TEEL-FX5000.

To do this, add the first code to the Product Code Match field, then = , then add Dubow's code last.

Now, when you have an order for an item that may already be set up to go to another printer, you can also send it to Dubow because the Product Code Match will tell Dubow their code for the item when the order is submitted to them instead.

Add one match per line.

Product Code Skip

If there are certain products you do not want submitted to Dubow, add their SKUs to the Product Code Skip field. Any items included here will not be sent through with your orders.

Picklist Field Name

To add a note on the picklist, use the Picklist Field Name setting to add the Checkout Data field name that corresponds with the note you want to send to Dubow Textile.

Inventory Location Match

The  Inventory Location Match field allows you to match the inventory location you have set for items meant for Dubow. For instance, if you have set your inventory location on your items as "dubow" add that to the Inventory Location Match field so Order Desk knows that any items with dubow as the location are meant for Dubow Textile.

Tip: It is better to split orders properly than use this field, but if you do choose to use this, please be careful that your inventory location name on each item matches this field exactly since orders that aren't an exact match will not be submitted to Dubow.

Shipping Class Match

The Shipping Class Match section allows you to specify the shipping methods you want Dubow to use for your orders. If you don't specify these methods or use the specific method names they use, they will use your Default Shipping Class method, set above in the Basic Settings, instead of what you have set on your orders. For more information about this and instructions on how to use the Shipping Class Match section, please read through our Shipping Class Match guide.

Preparing Your Orders

Tip: See the Print on Demand Fulfillment article for thorough step by step details on how to prepare your orders for submission to Dubow Textile.

The following fields can be set as checkout data or order metadata to change what gets sent to Dubow:

Field Name Value
ShippingAccount The third-party shipping account number you wish to use for this order
PackingSlip The url where the PDF is stored that you would like to have included as the packing slip on the order

Preparing Your Items

The following fields can be set as variations or item metadata for each order item. Replace the "x" with a value specified in the table, i.e. print_url_2, print_location_2.

Field Name Value
print_url_ x The location of the printable file. Values 1-4 accepted. If only sending one, print_url is acceptable as well.
print_preview_ x The location of the preview for the final product file. Values 1-4 accepted. If only sending one, print_preview or image is acceptable as well.
print_location_ x Each design also must include a print location. See below for valid values.
print_design_id_ x If you've received a Design ID from Dubow for your product, put the ID here instead of a print_url
print_design_code_ x If you are sending a print url (and not a Design ID) and you would like to pass through a Customer Design Code with your products, please use this field. If you do not enter this field, we will not pass anything.
colorway_ x The Colorway ID for this particular print if applicable (used for embroidery thread color)
design_type_ x The design type name for this item. Default is set on the Dubow settings page (usually DigitalPrint). Other options are: Embroidery, LaserEtch, Applique, DigitalPrint, ScreenPrint, HeatTransfer, DyeSublimation, ReverseApplique, and DistressedApplique
color The color of the garment. We will attempt to match the colors you pass to Dubow's color abbreviation list
size The size of the garment if applicable
print_sku The base part number for this garment. We will add the color and size to the end of the SKU where appropriate so just use the base SKU. Please add an asterisk (*) to the sku if this is a custom product and you do not want the size and color to be appended. We will remove the * before sending to Dubow.
print_mill If you need to pass a mill for this item (custom procurement only)
procurement_type The type of procurement for this garment. The default will be the setting on the Dubow settings page, but you can use "Custom", "Contract", or "Inventory" instead.
custom_text_x If you need to add some custom text (like a name or uniform number). These get added along with the print_url and you can append a 1, 2, 3, etc to add more than 1. If you have more than one line of text in a particular area, separate the values by a line break.
custom_details_x For every custom_text value, you must include a corresponding custom_details value. This holds all the details of how your custom text will be printed. You'll need to include a comma-separated list of values in this order: Font, Color, Position, Width, Height, Notes. Notes are optional. Here's an example of how this field would look:
Arial, Black, Front, 3, 8, Optional Note Text

Each design also must include a print location (as the field print_location_1). Valid values are the following:

  • Full Front
  • Full Back
  • Rt. Sleeve Above Cuff
  • Left Sleeve Above Cuff
  • Back Yoke
  • Left Front Chest
  • Right Chest

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