Getting Public Dropbox Links

If you are storing your printable files in your Dropbox account, you'll need to get the public link in order to put it into Order Desk. Depending on whether you are using the web interface or just putting your files into the dropbox folder on your computer (and using the Dropbox plugin) these steps are a bit different.

Your link will end with ?dl=0. All printers will request a file ending in ?dl=1, but you don't have to worry about making this change since Order Desk will automatically convert the files for you before sending to the final destination.

Getting the Public Link From The Dropbox Website

After uploading the file, click the Share button next to the file:

Click Create a link:

Now click Copy link:

Now press ctrl+c (or cmd+c on a Mac) to copy this link to the clipboard:

Getting the Public Link From the Mac or Windows App

Just put the file to your Dropbox folder and right click on the file. Click Copy Dropbox Link.

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