Catalyst Fabric Solutions

Order Desk can submit your print on demand orders to  Catalyst Fabric Solutions. Order Desk can also listen for the shipment notice and automatically import your tracking details when the shipment has been completed.

Setup and Configuration

On the Catalyst Fabric Solutions setup page, enter your assigned Client ID and Password as well as your company's address information for billing purposes (we submit these details with each order).

Preparing Your Orders

Please see the Print On Demand Fulfillment Instructions for details on how to configure your products. You can set an item metadata or item variation value of print_upc if you'd like to submit a UPC along with each item.

Sending Custom Data To Catalyst Fabric Solutions

If you'd like to send custom data about the order to Catalyst Fabric Solutions, you can set the following checkout data fields:

Field Name Field Description
PackingSlip A PDF url that should be printed and included with the shipment
ShippingLabel A PDF url for the shipping label that should be used for this shipment
Reference Text describing what this order is in reference to
Shipping Account #
OrderType Drop Ship or Freight, Default: Drop Ship
If sending freight, you must communicate this beforehand.

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