Sending Tracking Details to Customers


Creating Email Template
Setting Up a Rule
Sending One Email For Multiple Packages

Order Desk can be configured to automatically send tracking information to your customers when their packages have been shipped. In order to take advantage of this feature we’ll be creating an email template, then setting up a rule to use this new template.

Creating Email Template

Click Templates under the Settings menu in the left sidebar

2721df3da7498305938e84511599ee92.pngClick on Add New Email Template.

The default template that is created will be a shipment notification email for your customers. You can change the Template Name to whatever you like (just remember what you use because we'll be calling it up in a rule in the next step) and then change the Email Subject if you want to:


You can use the default template that is automatically provided, but if you’d like to customize the email or include your logo, feel free to do so. 

After saving your new template, you can test it out by browsing to any order that already has added tracking information. Press the email button under the list of products and select the name of your email template.

Enter your email address as the email override and press send.

Setting Up A Rule

Now that our template is created, click Rule Builder under the Settings menu.

5e859322c092487db1cbda54c466f3eb.pngAdd a new rule with the event set as "Shipment is Added":


Click  Continue and in the Select Action dropdown, choose "Send Email to Customer":


Under "Send Email to Customer", select the new template you just created. Then change the name of the rule to something that will be easy to remember and click Add Rule.

Sending One Email For Multiple Packages

If you often have multiple packages for each order, this method would result in multiple emails to your customer. To get around this, you can select “Queue Shipment Email To Customer” instead:

Instead of sending the email immediately, this will queue the emails, and you will have up to 6 hours to finish sending all your packages before the email is sent.

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