Managing Etsy Stock Counts

You can manage your Etsy inventory by telling Order Desk what the Etsy Listing ID is for any products with a SKU that are also being sold at other carts, allowing you to use the item with the SKU to control the Etsy listing stock.

To do this, you will need to add a metadata field to the item that isn't at Etsy. This item should have the product SKU in the Code/SKU field. Then in the Metadata section for the product, add etsy_id in the Name field and the Etsy Listing ID in the Value field:

An example for how this works would be if you have an item with a SKU of hat123 and an Etsy listing ID of 123456 for the same product, Order Desk will prioritize the stock for hat123 because it has etsy_id added to it.

Etsy does have some limitations with inventory management. They cannot accept a 0-quantity update from Order Desk, so if your quantity drops below 1, Order Desk won't update the inventory count in Etsy for that item. To work around this limitation, enable the Set Zero-Quantity Items as Sold Out at Etsy feature.

This setting will change 0-quantity items that are currently in Active status to Sold Out status. When items that are Sold Out are updated with a new quantity greater than 0 we will not be able to change them back to the Active status automatically. This will need to be done manually.

Etsy also doesn't support variation stock count.

Tip: Order Desk Pro users can send inventory stock counts back to Etsy if Sync Inventory is enabled.

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