Creating PDF Files for Receipts and Invoices


Creating PDF Files
Sending a Packing Slip
Attaching to an Email

Order Desk allows you to create PDF files from a receipt template and then either attach the PDF as a packing slip on an order or attach the file to an outgoing email.

Creating PDF Files

To create a PDF, you'll need to create a rule. Click on Rule Builder under the Settings menu in the left sidebar.

Select the event you want to trigger the create PDF action from the Event dropdown and click Continue.

Set any Conditions necessary, and then add "Create PDF" for the Action and choose the template you want to use for the PDF.

Go into your order and scroll down to the order metadata to find the link for the PDF:

When the rule is finished it runs a "PDF Created" action. For more information, see the  Rule Actions Reference guide.

Sending a Packing Slip

Some Print on Demand companies (such as MWW and Colorado Timberline), can receive a packing slip when an order is submitted to them. To send the packing slip as a PDF, first create a PDF for the order following the previous steps, then create a new rule where the Event is when "PDF Created From Order" and click Continue:

Choose "Set Checkout Data Receipt URL" as the Action and put PackingSlip|xxxx in the field, replacing xxxx with the ID for the template used to create the PDF.

The template ID can be found by opening up the template and looking at the URL:

When both rules are set up, a PDF will be created for the order and the link for it will the be added to the Checkout Data Field in the order:

If the PDF was created for the template, it will be used instead of the direct link when your order is submitted to those Print on Demand providers. For more information, see the Rule Actions Reference guide.

Attaching to an Email

To add the PDF as an email attachment, open up the email template you want to attach it to and add the PDF value you created. You can get this from your order metadata:

Or simply add the template ID to "pdf_x". Add this to the the  Attachment Field Names box on the email template:

Multiple field names can be entered and separated by comma. Order Desk will first look in the checkout data, then in the order metadata for the information it needs.

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