OIA Global

Order Desk can submit your orders to OIA Global for fulfillment. We can also process a daily order notification feed to import tracking numbers.

Setup and Configuration

On the OIA Global setup page in Order Desk, enter your Client Code and FTP Username and Password. Once connected, you'll be able to change any required settings and enter your billing address.

Getting Tracking Numbers

Please ask Order Desk support to assist in configuring your account to pull tracking numbers from OIA. We will work directly with OIA staff to set this up.

Sending Custom Order Data To OIA Global

If you'd like to send custom data about the order to OIA Global, you can set the following checkout data fields:

Field Name Field Description
SalesOrderVersion By default, this is 1
SalesOrderPrepend If you would like to add a letter or number to the front of the sales order
BatchID By default, this is NA
Priority By default, this is 15. Other options are 1, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. Lower numbers are higher priority.
FreightTerms By default this is P. Other available values are C or T.
ShippingAccount Shipping Account #. This is blank by default.
SignatureRequired By default, this is N. Enter Y to require a signature.

Resubmitting or Cancelling an Order

If you need to make an edit and resubmit or completely cancel an order already sent to OIA Global that hasn't shipped yet, you'll need to first  contact OIA Global (email link) to let them know the order needs to be changed. After they cancel the original order, an order with updated information can be sent as a second version.

To do this, make any necessary edits to the order then click on Add Checkout Data Fields in the upper right corner of the order page: 

In the Name field add SalesOrderVersion and set the Value to 2:

You can now resubmit the order to OIA Global by clicking on the submit button:

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