Jet - Setting Up Your Account

Order Desk supports You can use Order Desk to help you manage your products and orders within the Jet interface. This is important because Jet only provides a read-only partner backend and only supports merchant interface through their API. Order Desk makes this work a lot smoother. Since the Jet interface is an advanced integration that requires constant polling and inventory management, we require that in order to use our Jet integration you are using Order Desk Pro.

Setup and Testing

The first thing you’ll need to do is to complete some tests with Jet to confirm that your API connection is successful. In order to do this, you’ll be creating a product, adding an order, and processing a return. Open up the Jet partner admin and ensure that you are in Test mode. Click the API link in the sidebar and press the “Get API Keys” button in the upper right. Then open up the Order Desk Jet integration and paste in these details.

Once you have made the test connection, go to Jet Products under the Custom Tools menu in Order Desk and add a new product. The details don’t really matter too much. Use the following details for a simple setup:

  • Jet Node ID: 13000503
  • ISBN-10: 0451524934
  • Image and Thumbnail:

Once your product has been created, go to the Order Desk Inventory Items link in the sidebar and add your test product here as well. Be sure to set a price and stock value since we will pass both values to Jet. After creating your inventory item, go to the View Appointments link in the sidebar and run the “Sync Inventory Items to Jet” appointment. Your product testing is now complete.

Go back to the API tab on the Jet partner admin and click the “Order Generator” link. Enter the SKU you used with your test product and generate at least two test orders. Now that your orders are generated, go to Order Desk and click the Jet link under Manage integrations and manually import orders in the Ready status. This will download your test orders and send an acknowledge back to Jet. Open up one of these orders in Order Desk and press the Cancel Order at Jet button under the order totals box. Now go back to the New folder and open up the other order. Enter a fake tracking number like 9374889674090037180573. If you are doing this right away, you may need to enter a ship date of tomorrow (click “Add More Fields to Shipment” to have this option). Your order testing is now complete.

To complete the Returns phase of your testing, please go back to the API tab in the Jet partner admin and click the “Return Generator” link. The list of ID’s that are shown in this dropdown is a list of available Jet order ID’s. This is the long-form ID. You can see it in the order metadata section of each Jet order with Order Desk. Select the ID for the order that you did your fake shipment with, and generate a return. Then within Order Desk click on Jet Returns and click on the link for this pending return. Press the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

You have now completed all tests and should be able to generate your live API credentials. Please go to the Jet settings page within Order Desk and click the “Disconnect” button on the bottom right of the screen. Now you can enter your live Jet API credentials.

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