Shipping Class Match


Shipping Class Match


When orders come into Order Desk, in most cases you'll want to have the ability to automatically submit them for fulfillment without needing to update or edit any details first. One important factor in this process is making sure the shipping method on the order, as it comes from your cart, matches the shipping methods used by your fulfillment service or warehouse.

Because every integration is slightly different, and shopping carts and fulfillment services often have their own unique nomenclature for certain shipping methods, Order Desk has a Shipping Class Match function on several shipping, fulfillment and print on demand integrations that will allow you to match the name of your cart's shipping method to the correct shipping method with your fulfillment service if it uses a different name or you don't already have a default shipping method set with them.

This guide will go over how to make sure your shipping methods are set up in Order Desk so orders can be submitted automatically and so fulfillment services won't throw any errors and reject your orders.

Shipping Class Match

Shipping Class Match can be found on the integration settings page for each of the integrations that has it. If your integration has it, to access this feature, click on your integration name under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar:

If your integration has it, it will be near the bottom of the page, and will look like this:

You can check the name of the shipping method on your orders by looking at the order details page:

To set up your matches, click on --Select Carrier Class-- next to [integration name] Classes to choose the shipping class name that your fulfillment service uses for the same method coming in on your order(s):

In the Shopping Cart Name field, type in the name of the class from your shopping cart that matches the Carrier Class you selected in the last step and click Add:

You can add as many matches as you need to make sure each method coming in with your orders matches what your fulfillment service calls the same method, adding one per entry, The column on the right side will show the matches you have already made.

In this example, the shipping method from the shopping cart is "UPS Ground", but MWW calls this shipping method "UPS Ground Residential". Setting up this match allows Order Desk to translate any orders coming in with "UPS Ground" as the shipping method into "UPS Ground Residential" when submitted to MWW so they know what shipping method you want used for the order.

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