Tshirt & Sons

Order Desk can submit your print on demand orders to Tshirt & Sons, a UK-based apparel printing firm.

Setup and Configuration

On the Tshirt & Sons setup page, enter the API token you received during the setup process. You can enter your default X and Y offset values for all prints. You can also enter offset values on a print-by-print basis. You can also enter your return address. If the country is GB, this return address will be printed on all packages. If no phone number is passed on the order, we will use the Phone number in this section on the order.

Preparing Your Orders

Please see the On-Demand Print Fulfillment Instructions for details on how to configure your products. There are some special details about Tshirt & Sons that you’ll want to consider.

  • The print_sku field will match up to the first Style column in the Stock Spreadsheet.
  • Each print location requires the following fields:
    • print_url_x (link to publicly available, print-ready artwork)
    • print_preview_x (we will use  the image field if nothing is provided)
    • print_location_x (front or back)
    • You may optionally pass print_xoffset_x and print_yoffset_x. If nothing is passed we will use the integration defaults. These offsets are MM offsets from the top left of the print. Artwork will not be auto-centered.
  • Please be sure that your colors and sizes are passed in the variation or metadata for each product. Both fields are required. We will handle size formatting. Color names will be lowercased and we will also convert spaces to underscores.
  • All artwork must be supplied as a PNG with a transparent background and must be the actual size for print. All resolution should be 300dpi for best quality, although 200dpi can be accepted.

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