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Product Code Match
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When submitting orders from Shopify to Amazon FBA, be sure that your SKUs from Shopify match the SKUs FBA has for your items. If they don't match, you can map them to each other in Order Desk in one of two ways. You can match the codes to each other in your Amazon FBA settings or you can use a metadata field called code_replace in your inventory items.

Product Code Match

To match product codes from Shopify to Amazon FBA, navigate to your FBA settings by clicking on Amazon FBA under Integrations in the left sidebar.

Scroll down to the Product Code Match box. You can match the SKUs here, where the first SKU is your Shopify SKU and the second is your FBA SKU:


Set one match per line.

Product Bundles

If you have any bundled products that you are selling in Shopify, you can use Product Code Match to match the SKU for the bundle to the SKUs FBA has for each item.

For example, if you are selling a hat and scarf bundle in Shopify, where the SKU for that bundled product is HS-3333 and the SKUs that FBA has for the separate items are H-5555 (for the hat) and S-9999 (for the scarf), then you can match them in the Product Code Match section of your FBA settings as:

HS-3333 = H-5555,S-9999

This also works for mutli-packs of the same product, such as two of the same hat, bundled together as HH-2:

HH-2 = H-5555,H-5555

Tip: For more information on working with product bundles, please see our Inventory Items guide.

Code Replace

Alternatively, if you want to bring in all of your inventory from Shopify to Order Desk, you can go into each inventory item and add a metadata field called code_replace where the value is your FBA SKU for the same item. That would look like this:

You will also need to go into your Store Settings (under the Settings menu in the left sidebar):

And underneath the Inventory Settings section, enable Automatically Sync Details With Inventory Items

5c61be85cd176b3411467d891b611dc1.pngAs orders come into Order Desk, the items in the orders will sync with your inventory items already stored here, and any Shopify SKU that matches an item with the code_replace field in it will be replaced by the SKU set in the metadata:

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