Order Desk can submit your orders to SSI Digital Print Services. Order Desk can also listen for the shipment notice back from SSI.

Setup and Configuration

Simply enter your SSI Customer ID and Postal Code. Ask SSI to enable Shipment Notification on your account. The shipment notification URL will be sent with each order.

Preparing Your Orders

Please see the On-Demand Print Fulfillment Instructions for details on how to configure your products. There are some special details about SSI that you’ll want to consider.

  • Every item requires a print_preview_x option for each print URL specified.
  • If you set checkout data for SSI_PRIORITY, you can set it to “Normal” or “Express”. Default is normal.
  • Anything in the checkout data field SSI_ORDER_NOTES will be sent in the Order Notes field.
  • You can send a packing slip URL in the “PACKING_SLIP” field.
  • You can send a packing list URL in the "PACKING_LIST" field. This is the PDF that prints out of the label printer for each order.
  • If there's a connection error when sending to SSI, the order will not be retried automatically. You'll need to resubmit the order yourself from within Order Desk. You'll receive an email about this if it happens.

Customizing the Return Address

If you would like to customize the address that SSI uses on the order shipment, use the Order Desk rules to set the return address on the order. This will be used instead of the default SSI return address settings.

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