Printed Mint

Order Desk can submit your print on demand orders to Printed Mint's service for automatic shipping and fulfillment. Order Desk will also pull your tracking numbers back from Printed Mint so they can be posted to your shopping cart.

Setup and Configuration

On the Printed Mint setup page, enter your Client Code. If you don't have your client code, please ask Printed Mint to provide it for you. This will identify your orders for Printed Mint.

Preparing Your Orders

Please see the On-Demand Print Fulfillment Instructions for details on how to configure your products. When setting up your products, you'll enter your main url in the print_url section. If you have a second url for the back of the product, enter that in the print_url_2 field. Location names are not required for Printed Mint.

If your customers select size and color with values from Printed Mint's list, we'll do the conversion and build a full sku for you. If you are just selling a shirt with a single color however, and won't be passing color as a variation on the order, please include the color in the base sku. For example, if you are selling the A12 with all colors and sizes, you can just set A12 as the product sku and we will add the color and size to the SKU for you. But if you'll only be selling it in black and won't be passing in a color, your product sku should be A12-B. Printed Mint will provide you with a full product list with base sku's and available sizes/colors for each product.

Sending a Gift Message To Printed Mint

If your shopping cart provides a gift message field, that data will be stored in the checkout data section of each order. On the Printed Mint settings page, you'll set the name of this checkout data field so we can submit the correct data for you.

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