Photo USA

Order Desk can submit your print on demand orders to Photo USA for fulfillment.


Enter your assigned username and security token on the Photo USA setup page. Once connected, configure your remaining settings. It's important to set a default shipping carrier and shipping method. You should also enter your default return address details. The phone number entered will be used as a backup if the customer does not provide a phone number.

Please be sure to give the supplied notification url to your Photo USA sales rep so they can send shipment notifications to Order Desk.

Preparing Your Inventory Items

Please be sure to enter a print_sku and print_url for each item being submitted. If you'd like to have a custom print_url that only applies to this integration you can do photousa_print_url.

If you enter a PackingSlip checkout data or metadata value with a url, we will submit that url in the packing slip field.

You can also set a pre-approved Insert checkout data or metadata value and it will be passed as the Insert field.

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