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Sometimes you need to add extra details to the items in your orders before sending them on for fulfillment. If you can't add these details in your shopping cart, you can add them here in Order Desk and set up your store to automatically sync the details into your orders as they come into the app.

As an example, this order came in with a product that only has the name, the SKU and the price:

However, before sending this order for fulfillment, it needs to have some metadata details that are already stored here in Order Desk on the item added to the order:

When synced, these details will be in the order:

Syncing item details is useful for print on demand stores, like in the above example, where the artwork and printer's SKU need to be added to the items in the order, for situations where the SKU needs to be replaced on the items in the order before being sent to a vendor or warehouse, or for any other number of reasons that the details can't be stored in the shopping cart or sent from the cart to Order Desk but still need to be added to the order here.

Follow the instructions in this guide for how to set up your Order Desk store to automatically sync extra item details on order import. We will also go over how to manually sync details into an individual order for those times you need to update the items after an order has already imported, and we will show you how to set up a rule to sync only certain orders based on conditions you have.

Enable Automatic Syncing

To make sure this happens automatically on your store for all orders, the first step is to turn on the automatic syncing feature. With automatic syncing turned on, when an order first comes into Order Desk, the app will look at the SKUs of the items in your order, and if it sees the same SKUs stored here in Order Desk already, it will pull in all of the item details saved here, adding them to the items in your order.

If the details are exactly the same, nothing will change in your order. However, if there are any differences to the weight, the cost, the location, the variations or the metadata, those will be added. Order syncing will not apply to the item name or price.

To enable automatic syncing, click on Store Settings in the left sidebar under the Settings menu:

On the right side of the page under Inventory Settings, enable the option that will Automatically Sync Details With Inventory Items:

If you do not want to sync item details into every order that comes into your Order Desk store, leave this setting unchecked and follow the instructions below for manually syncing orders or syncing orders with a rule.

Add Inventory Details

There are many ways to add your inventory items to Order Desk. This inventory guide goes into detail about your options. If you have a print on demand store, you can follow the instructions in this print on demand fulfillment guide for more specific details to your product requirements.

Check Item Metadata In Orders

Any extra item details may be hidden in the item metadata in your orders. To see if the details you need are already in the order, click on the down arrow button on the item(s) in your order:

Manually Sync Orders

In some cases, you may need to update the data in an order after the automatic sync has already happened or you may just need to occasionally sync orders but don't want every one to sync. In this case, you can sync order details directly from the order page.

First, if you have the automatic sync setting enabled on your store, if you make any changes to the item(s) in your order, they will automatically sync the details in again as soon as you save the changes. In this example, the SKU was set up wrong in the shopping cart and came in as CH-77, but the item is actually CH-777. Updating the item in the order so it is CH-777 automatically syncs in the right details:

If you don't have the automatic sync setting enabled on your store, or the item(s) in the order are accurate so you don't need to re-save anything before syncing the inventory details into the order, you can manually sync your order details by scrolling to the bottom of the order page and clicking the Sync Item Details With Inventory button in the right corner:

Sync Orders with a Rule

Perhaps you would like to only sync inventory into specific orders, not all orders, and not have to do it manually for each order. If so, you can set up a rule that says:

When Order is Imported (event)
-set your conditions-
Sync Order Items With Inventory Details (action)

Like this:

Set your condition(s) in the rule so it will only apply to the specific orders you want. In this example, it will only apply to orders where the order metadata has the Shopify vendor BuckLtd in it.

For more information on working with rules in Order Desk, including more details about using the conditions, please read this guide.

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