Setting Up Field Match

The field match feature is designed to let you replace generic content with custom content and is used in different places throughout Order Desk.

General Concept

A field match will often look like this:


The content on the left of the = is the content to be matched, and the content on the right is the content to use or replace.

Field Match For Mailing Lists

Field match for mailing lists is designed so that you can setup order data to pass into your mailing list’s custom fields. Match the mailing list custom field on the left to the order field name on the right. If you are using an address field, set value to something like “shipping.address1” or “shipping.first_name”.

Field Match For Shipping Export

When setting up an export for a shipping/fulfillment integration, you have the option to setup a product code match. This allows you to change the product’s SKU on the fly before it is submitted. If you have a shirt with a SKU SHIRTREDLARGE but need to change it to AX556FW3X6, then simply put this in your code match box:


If you have multiple matches, just put each one on its own line. If you are selling a bundle, you can also use this to expand the products being submitted. Let’s say for example you sell a single product with a SKU of MUSICBUNDLE but this really includes a CD, a shirt, and a poster. The right side of the replacement would simply have the new SKUs separated by comma:


Order Desk also allows you to skip certain SKUs that you do not want to submit to the endpoint. Simply enter your SKUs separated by comma or line break, and they will not be sent for fulfillment. If no part of the order can be submitted, it will be skipped.

Note that the product code match and the product code skip are advanced features and are not available on the Order Desk Connector plan.

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