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Integration Setup
Manually Import Orders


Order Desk can import your Squarespace orders automatically, process then and send them on for fulfillment. Please note that you must be on the Commerce Advanced plan at Squarespace to be able to use their API and connect to Order Desk.

This guide goes over how to set up and use the Squarespace integration in Order Desk.

Integration Setup

To begin, you will need to connect your Squarespace account to Order Desk. To do this, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar of your Order Desk store:

Under the Shopping Carts tab, look for the Squarespace integration and click Enable:

On the next page, you'll need to enter your Squarespace API key:

In a new tab, log into your Squarespace site. From the Home Menu, click on Settings:

In the Settings Panel, under the Website section, click on Advanced:

In the Advanced Settings, click on API Keys:

Click on the Create Key button:

Type Order Desk into the App Name field and click Next:

Copy the API Key that is generated:

Bring it back into your Order Desk store to drop into the API Key field and click Connect:


Once the integration is enabled, you can always access the Squarespace settings by clicking on Squarespace under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar:

In the Squarespace integration, you'll see a few settings to choose from for how you want to download your orders:

Check For New Orders

When you first enable the integration, this will be set to Never check for new orders. When you are ready to start downloading your orders into Order Desk, select the frequency from the dropdown.

Download These Orders

Choose the types of orders you want to download from Squarespace. Select from Pending, Fulfilled, Canceled or All orders:

Most merchants will typically want to import Pending orders only so any Fulfilled or Canceled orders aren't accidentally sent for fulfillment again. 

If you choose to download fulfilled or canceled orders, or you set this to All, use the  Order Desk Rule Builder to sort your orders by their fulfillment status into the appropriate folders to prevent them from being sent for fulfillment unintentionally. You will also need to use a rule to send your pending orders where they need to go.

Folder For New Orders

Select the folder where you want your Squarespace orders to download to when they reach Order Desk:

If you need to set up your own custom folders, or for more information on working with folders, please  read this guide.

Sync Tracking Numbers

As your orders are fulfilled, Order Desk can automatically send the shipment information back into Squarespace if the Sync Tracking Numbers setting is Enabled. This will mark your orders as fulfilled in Squarespace.

Notify Customer

If you want Squarespace to send a shipment notification email to your customer when an order is fulfilled, set the Notify Customer option to Enabled.

If you leave this setting Disabled, Squarespace will not email your customer. You can set up shipment notification emails from Order Desk if you prefer.

Order Prefix

If you need to set a prefix on your Squarespace order numbers when they come into Order Desk, set the prefix in this field. Your orders will still have a connection back to the original order in Squarespace but will now have a prefix on the number to help you prevent order collisions with other carts, to help format your orders for certain vendors or fulfillment services, or to easily signify which orders are from Squarespace.

Manually Import Orders

If you want to import orders manually instead of automatically you can do so by clicking on the Import Last 20 Orders button:

If you need to import historical orders from farther back in the past than the integration brings in, please contact Order Desk support.

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