Order Desk can connect to your  BigCommerce store and import orders. Order Desk can also send shipment notices back to BigCommerce when your orders ship.


There are two ways to connect your store. The best way is to select the Order Desk app from within your BigCommerce admin. When you confirm the installation, Order Desk will set up an account and store for you, or if you already have an account, it will simply log you in and set up the connection to your store. By setting up from within BigCommerce, you’ll be able to access Order Desk with just a click from within your store’s admin. (You can also go to Order Desk directly if you prefer.)

If you prefer, you can use the legacy API connection method to connect your store. Get your API data by clicking Setup & Tools, then Legacy API Account. You’ll need a username, API Path, and API key (token) in the popup.


Once you’ve connected to your store, Order Desk will start downloading orders from the last week. You can continue to download more orders at your convenience.


If you would like to download orders automatically, please set your download interval. Order Desk Pro users who signed up with the Oauth method (rather than the legacy API method) will have Instant Download automatically be enabled for their account. Free users are limited to a once per day automated check. You can, however, always check for new orders manually from the integrations settings page.

You can set a default folder for new orders. This is especially handy when you are downloading a large number of old archive orders.

You can choose which orders you want Order Desk to download. By default, Completed orders will include the following statuses: Shipped, Partially Shipped, Awaiting Pickup, Awaiting Shipment, Completed, Awaiting Fulfillment. If you choose to have all orders downloaded, “Pending” orders will be downloaded as well (these are orders where payment has not been completed). Only “Incomplete” orders will be skipped (these are orders where the checkout was never completed).

If you select the “date updated” as your import method, Order Desk will update the status of your order in Order Desk. Otherwise, orders will only be imported when they are first added. The order metadata fields “bigcommerce_imported_status” and “bigcommerce_current_status” will be kept up to date. You can use these fields to setup rules and manage how the orders are treated.

If you want Order Desk to report tracking numbers back to BigCommerce, you can enable the Tracking Number Sync feature. Order Desk will try to send this data back, but it may not always work. If order products have been modified or more than one tracking number has been added to a shipment, full tracking information may not be able to be synced to BigCommerce.

If your store uses VAT, you’ll want to make sure that taxes are included with the product. Otherwise, taxes should be recorded separately (that’s the default setting).

If you are going to use Order Desk’s payment refunding integrations, you will need to map your current payment method name to the processor name you are planning to use. Your method name might be something like “Credit Card”, “Visa, Mastercard”, or “Payment Card”. Acceptable payment processor names are:

  • Stripe
  • Authorize.Net
  • Virtual Merchant
  • Quantum Gateway
  • Network Merchants (for NMI)
  • Litle
  • eProcessing Network
  • Emerio Payments
  • BluePay
  • SecureNet

It’s important that these names match up exactly so that Order Desk can enable the payment refunding services on appropriate orders. If you are using PayPal in addition to a credit card processor, as long as it is named PayPal, it should match up with no problem.

If you want to add a prefix to your orders, you may set this up here. Don’t use  only a number as your prefix. “A1”, “A1-“, or “US” are all acceptable prefix styles.

Order Desk Pro users can sync their Order Desk inventory with their BigCommerce inventory. Both simple and advanced SKU-based inventory is supported.

Vendor Splitting

If your fulfillment process requires split fulfillment by different vendors, Order Desk can help this process by automatically splitting your orders as they come in to Order Desk. When you enter the tracking number for one order, it will only fill the items that were on that particular order and will leave the other items as unfilled. In order to use this functionality, you need to enable the Vendor Splitting option on the BigCommerce settings page inside of Order Desk and you also need to put the name of the vendor in each product’s Bin Picking Number field at BigCommerce. This field can be found under the Other Details tab. If you are already using the bin picking number field, you can enter the vendor followed by a dash, then the existing bin picking number. Order Desk will use the code to the left of the dash as the vendor and save the code to the right of the dash as your bin picking number. Orders will be hyphenated with a -x at the end. So if order 1005 comes in with items from two different vendors, it will be stored in Order Desk as 1005-1 and 1005-2.

Special Notes

If you need details about your customer (like customer group) or details about your products (like UPC/image) to be downloaded with your order, please let Order Desk support know so that we can enable this for your account. We require a manual activation on these features because they require extra API calls for each order/product. Usage can make downloading orders take a bit longer.

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