Colorado Timberline

Order Desk can submit your print on demand orders to Colorado Timberline. Order Desk can also listen for the shipment notice back from Colorado Timberline.

Setup and Configuration

On the Colorado Timberline setup page, enter your Affiliate ID. Your Affiliate ID is similar to your Customer ID but it begins with CT_. Once connected, you’ll be presented with a Notification URL. Please give this URL to your sales rep and ask them to send shipment notifications here.

Preparing Your Orders

Please see the On-Demand Print Fulfillment Instructions for details on how to configure your products. There are some special details about Colorado Timberline that you’ll want to consider.

  • Use the item metadata print_mode if you want to include a specific print mode. This is required for all sublimation products (add sublimation as the value). By default we will send a print mode of dark if the value isn't specified. The colors white and sand will automatically pass a value of light.
  • T-shirts should use the base print_sku (like cot). We will automatically append the correct color and size codes for you based on the item variation (if provided).
  • If you have any products which pass a size or color as a variation but if the size or color should not be appended to the print_sku, you should set a metadata key of skip_code_append with a value of 1 so that we will not attempt any appending.
  • You can set a value of print_upc if you'd like to submit a UPC along with your item.
  • If you set "Item Names" as the picklist field name, we will send the names of all the items in the order as the Special Instructions.

Sending Custom Data To Colorado Timberline

If you'd like to send custom data about the order to Colorado Timberline, you can set the following checkout data fields:

Field Name Field Description
PackingSlip A PDF url that should be printed and included with the shipment
Message1 Message passed to Colorado Timberline
Message2 Message passed to Colorado Timberline
Message3 Message passed to Colorado Timberline
ShippingAccount Shipping Account # (let CSR know that you are passing this value)
OrderGroup Group a set of orders for informational purposes
ShippingMethod Set a specific shipping method. This value must match one of these shipping method names
CTShippingMethod Alias for ShippingMethod

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