3PL Central

Many fulfillment houses use software provided by 3PL Central. If that’s you, then you are in luck because Order Desk can send orders directly to your warehouse for fulfillment. Order Desk can also download your 3PL Central inventory into Order Desk where it can then be configured to update your carts.


In order to setup your 3PL Central connection you'll need the following pieces of data from your warehouse:

Field Name Field Description
3PL Key This is a long string that has {curly braces} around it
3PL ID This is a number (like 100)
Login This is your API login ID
Password This is your API login password
Facility ID This is a number (usually 1)
Customer ID This is a number

If your facility is pre-loaded into Order Desk, you won't need to enter the 3PL Key and 3PL ID. If you'd like to submit your provider details to us, please send us a message with your facility name, key, id, and a logo. We'd be happy to preload those details into Order Desk.

Customize Shipping Instructions

If you would like to customize the shipping instructions that are sent to 3PL Central for a particular order, set checkout data on the order. (There is a “Set Checkout Data” rule that will allow this to be automated.) The following checkout data fields can be set:

Field Name Field Description
3PL_BILLING_CODE Sender, 3rd Party, etc.
3PL_SHIPPING_ACCOUNT A specific shipping account
3PL_MODE Ground, 2nd Day Air, etc.
3PL SKIP_EMAIL Don't send email address to 3PL Central for this order
3PL_RETAILER_ID If the Retailer ID needs to be set for the Shipto

Picklist Message Field

You can also send your first order note through to 3PL Central by adding FIRSTORDERNOTE to the Picklist Message Field:

Please keep in mind that if orders are being submitted to 3PL Central automatically as they are imported, the first order note won't be included. This will only work for orders that are submitted on a schedule or delay as long as the note is added before the order is sent.

Inventory Syncing

Order Desk can download your 3PL Central inventory and sync the stock count to Order Desk’s inventory. From there, this data can be updated at one or more shopping carts. Please note that Order Desk derives your stock count as the SUMOFAVAILABLE value. If stock is available from multiple locations, we will add those locations together.

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