Sample Dropshipping Email Template

This is an example of an email template that would send a dropship request to a fulfillment partner. This includes a link for the partner to enter the tracking number directly.

The variable field names are slightly different from the receipt template.

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Line 46 can be configured to include a link to a printable packing slip:

{# <p><a href="{{ id|receipt_link(0) }}">Print Packing Slip</a></p> #}

This line is commented out, meaning it won't display in the final email that is sent to vendors. If you want to include this link in your dropship email template, you can add the receipt template ID to this line of code. The receipt template ID is found in the URL of the specific receipt template you create. This number will be unique to your receipt template:

Then remove  {# #} from the beginning and end of the line of code so it will show up in the email. It should look like this in the template, with the unique receipt ID included:

<p><a href="{{ id|receipt_link(4553) }}">Print Packing Slip</a></p>

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